Customer Excellence Programme 2019

So, you’ve clicked the link to read about our upcoming 3-step programme!

The Customer Excellence Programme will consist of a suite of 3 interactive workshops situated in either the North, Midlands or South of England to help cater to your requirements. We have spread the days throughout the year to provide an on-going learning experience, giving you the opportunity to measure the progression when your team member is back in the branch.

But, if you’re stuck for time or budget, you can select just one of the courses that suits your exact needs!

The days will be run by one of our highly experienced training & development team, who collectively have over 20 years experience within the electrical industry.

Why Our Approach is Different

Many people are fearful and apprehensive about training. They dread being ‘preached to’, being told how they should do their job, or what they are doing wrong.

Our workshops are very interactive. We value opinion and encourage attendees to challenge our trainers. We often find the best way to explore new ideas is through debate and the input of others.

For more details on these locations, exact dates or to book a ticket, please click below:

Alternatively, you can email to discuss your requirements with a member of the team